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January 9, 2014 at 15:22:00
Specs: Windows 7
I touched some bottons now screen wont light up
I here it going on but screen wont light up what do I do is there a botton to resset net book

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January 9, 2014 at 17:12:03
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Model number of your Aspire will be most useful - as with that information folks here may be able to help you more easily...

You say you touched "some buttons"... Can you remember which?

It is just possible you pressed the combination that enables the external vga output and switches off the built-in display? Typically to enable - and also disable the external vga and restore the built-in, you press hold down the Fn key and press one of the F buttons on top row. (They're a shared key with each number.)

The F-key may be F5, or F3 or even another...

The key will have a couple of very small monitor symbols on it. The left one will be just an outline, and next to it is solid one. On my olde Acer Aspire it's F5.

Holding Fn and pressing F5 once enables the external vga/monitor display with the built-in (if I remember correctly). Pressing F5 a second time (still holding down Fn) will switch off the built-in display but leave the external one enabled. Pressing F5 again will restore built-in display, and disable external display.

It's a three step toggle arrangement... And likely you have gotten to the second step? So perhaps hold down Fn key and press F5 again (once only) and wait a moment or two. If still no built-in display, press F5 again ((holding the Fn key down each time you press F5).

I wouldn't consider any factory reset/restore routine just yet. Try the procedure above and also post back with model number of your Aspire.

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