a few little detail questions to customize 7

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July 31, 2011 at 13:22:58
Specs: 7 Ulitmate, Enough
Hi, I have 7 Ultimate and a few questions for all ya:

how do I get the progress window to show more details by default in windows 7? You know the little box that briefly shows up when you are copying stuff in Windows Explorer?

From a very little bit of research, I managed to get the age old QuickLaunch toolbar back, and next to my start button on teh left side, but I cannot figure out how to add more to it. I'd like to put a shortcut to Word, Excel, Windows Explorer, and a frequently used .txt file like I had on my XP setup. Any input on how to easily do that?

One other little burr in my side with 7: When navigating around in Windows Explorer on the LEFT side only, why on earth do I need to hit Enter every time I have something highlighted over there? in XP (No, I never have used Vista enough to get familiar with it), when you arrow up or down in the left pane, then left or right within a directory tree over there, or folders if you will, teh contents of the highlighted folder would immediately show on the RIGHT side pane, but not in 7. Is there a way to change that little behavior to be more like XP also?

Thank you very much in advance and I look forward to hearing back. :)


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July 31, 2011 at 14:01:57
For the applications: Start application -> Right-Click the Taskbar button -> (Select) Pin this program to the taskbar

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July 31, 2011 at 15:32:06
Just learn 7 properly and be done with it. Why are you trying to make Windows 7 into XP? It generally does things better than XP, often differently, but overall better once you get used to it. The new task bar is better than the older one. There is no longer a 'favorite' side and an 'open' side but all 'favorite' icons double for their 'open' icons when they are open, therefore freeing up up more space on the task bar. About the only thing that it cannot do is allow you to open a second browser window, but you do get that choice from the right click menu anyway.
The classic Windows Explorer is an even older hold over from Windows 95 and possibly before that. I believe most of us now keep frequently used program icons on our desktop or in a few folders on our desktops depending on how busy/organized/clean you like your desktop. Using Start>All Programs to find occasionally used programs or 'computer' (basically a simpler click through explorer) to find occasionally used files or folders is a better way to go. There are some keyboard short cuts for mouse haters, but this is not the same as copy, paste, and other functions you use while typing, those make sense to avoid moving constantly between keyboard and mouse. Navigating to open programs and files is better and easier with a mouse, while keeping to the keyboard while within a program is typically easier.
Like many who went from W3.2 or W95 to XP and had similar problems, they (and probably you) eventually got used to the newer way of doing things and eventually began preferring the newer/better ways, if you give Windows 7 a real chance and stop trying to make it follow the 'old way', you will find you like it better too. Different is not always worse, new may really be better.

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