1720 smart hard drive fail

August 12, 2018 at 14:24:21
Specs: HP Omni120 All, Model 120-1124
How to restore my OmniAll
Is has Failing Drive: SATAO
Failing Att #02
I am not online is a home computer, I am contacting y’all via iPhone w no tethering allowed.
I have a boot disc from prior, my product key just no internet

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August 12, 2018 at 14:39:17
If you can... get/make a Linux dvd - download an ISO and burn it to a dvd; boot the system with the dvd. Then once it's booted into Linux (and will present a windows style desktop etc.) locate the hard drive if it's still able to power up etc. Copy all your personal files etc to external storage. Ideally another USB connected hard drive, and if possible to dvd too. At the least one or the other; ideally the hard drive if only one...

Then (having checked the copied data is accessible...) set about resolving the problem with the current hard drive. Several chaps here will likely advise on assorted options to consider in that regard. That you have your original product key is definite plus; as you will need it anon when you replace the faiiing drive and rebuild the operating system anew.

Do the copying process (duplicating data etc. to external storage) immediately; providing the hard drive will allow you access. The longer you delay that process the greater the risk of total loss of personal files etc..

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August 13, 2018 at 00:23:08
I feel really dumb by saying this, what is a Linux dvd... and how am I to do this w no internet, or no internet where I can download a dvd..
I suppose if I’m this concerned about my personal things, I better take it in to see a doc..., for I am no professional when it comes to rebooting, programming cpu’s, etc.. hand me and Air Conditioner and I’ll go to work... thanks for all your info...

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August 13, 2018 at 02:29:23
Linux is another operating system, and unlike windows it’s free; and there are various flavours, types (but all very similar).

Dell offer Ubuntu as an alternative to windows on their kit; and possibly others do too?

A simpler version of Linux to the Ubuntu one is puppy Linux and there are a cofuple or three others similar.

If you go to Ubuntu.com look for the current ISO download and then download/burn it to a dvd. Equally look for puppy Linux (via google) and download/Burn it’s ISO.

As your computer isn’t able to get online, nor presumably actually boot up properly, is there a chum, a friend or colleague who can let you use his/her computer to locate Linux as above; or they do it for you?

If your computer will at least boot up, but not go online, then you may be able to copy files to external storage as already suggested in my #1?

How old is your computer?

If you do go to a “service centre” as it were, insist they make serious efforts to copy your files to external storage before they do anything else. Any decent computer tech will know, or ought to know, about using a Linux boot disk as above. If he/she doesn’t then find another...?

For the future, get a usb external hard drive and ensure all valuable (to you) files are duplicate to it; whether or not they are also on the computer’s hard drive too. And for things like photos, make dvd copies too.

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