* BIZARRE * - CANNOT Access ANY Yahoo site-Other Sites FINE

Dell Optiplex 360 dt desktop computer (i...
January 21, 2012 at 18:36:18
Specs: Win 7 Professional, Intel
BRAND NEW Windows 7 Ultimate 64 installation (never been used)

- ANYTHING Yahoo (mail.yahoo.com, login.yahoo.com, uk.yahoo.com, etc).....ALL browsers (chrome, ie, firefox) will hang at "waiting on yahoo.com to respond"

- But, I Can PING the sites (ping yahoo.com works fine)

-Others sites (facebook, google, etc) can be accessed just fine.

-Can uplug the ethernet cable from THIS computer and plug it in to a Different computer, and Yahoo sites can be accessed just fine.


Here's what has been tried thus far:

-Reset the Window's host file

-Changed DNS (in the router) to google public dns

-Deeply scanned with MULTIPLE tools (in safe mode)....but, this is a brand new, never been used Windows installation


-TDSS Killer

-Turned OFF all firewalls

-Put Yahoo.com in the Trusted section of Internet/IE settings (and lowered privacy/security settings to LOW)...but again, this happens in all 3 different browsers

-Disabled IP v6 in adapter settings

- and a few other things I just can't remember at the moment


Has anyone experience anything like this AND found a solution?

I'm completely baffled.

Any help GREATLY appreciated.


> PLEASE HELP OTHERS - Report back what did/didn't work for those referencing this thread.<

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January 21, 2012 at 19:06:10
Was this a clean install or an upgrade install?
An upgrade install is not exactly never used since it can carry with it
baggage from the prior installation.
Did you install all drivers?
Try clearing browser history, cookies, etc.
Then do a disk clean up.
Then scan with Malwarebytes.
Turn on firewall and reset security to Medium in your browser (apparently that did not help so there is no reason to be that vulnerable).
Check that 'Parental Controls' are not turned on, or at least Yahoo is not listed (I would tell you to also check your router's list but you said another computer had no problem accessing them).

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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January 22, 2012 at 16:15:58
It was a clean install.

All hardware is identified / installed (drivers, etc)

I think the only thing suggested that I have not checked is the parental controls....

But...with a clean install and the parental controls having never been changed from their default settings.....would that sill cause the Yahoo website to be able to be Pinged, but not accessed via a browser?

I will check that area....but, assuming that is not the issue....has this ever been experienced by anyone ?


> PLEASE HELP OTHERS - Report back what did/didn't work for those referencing this thread.<

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