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Win 3.1 on Virtual PC

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I am attempting to install Win 3.1 on my Win 7 PC as I have some very old but very expensive software at work that I will need to run when get rid of our single remaining 3.1 machine this summer. I’ve been following the guidance of forumer ‘obsolete’ which I’ve listed below allong with a few queries that I hope someone can help with:

start the virtual machine wizard, lie and say that your going to install os/2
{My version of Virtual PC doesn’t give the option to choose OS, am I OK to just continue? On mine I need to specify disk size – am I OK to go for 2048mb size for 2gb?}

it’s very similar to windows 3.x. it should give you 16mb of ram and a 2gb virtual hard drive, that is the max for fat 16 go ahead and create the virtual machine, now you need an ms-dos boot disk or image file, then start the virtual machine attach the floppy image or disk and reset the virtual machine from the file menu, let it boot into dos type fdisk at the command prompt and press enter create a primary dos partition use the entire size for it and make it active, exit fdisk reset again boot into dos
{This section above works fine until the booting into DOS stage I have .img files for the DOS installation and I select the img for the first disk through Virtual PC settings and then restart but just get the message: ‘”missing operating system” and I can’t get further than this – any suggestions?}

type format C: at the command prompt and press enter then proceed to format drive C and you should then have a fat 16 C drive to install windows on..


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