Touchscreen not working

Epson / Eht-400c
June 13, 2010 at 15:21:09
Specs: Microsoft Windows For Pen Computing 1.0, i486DX2 50mhz 12MB RAM
I have an Epson EHT-400C Handheld Computer (according to the back but I just call the stupid thing a Tablet). I think that this is a very neat machine and would like to get it working.

However, after installing MS-DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11 Windows For Workgroups, and then the Windows for Pen Computing 1.0 add-on, I can't get the pen to work. The pen that this tablet has is really just a pen shaped piece of plastic. I look all over the place for drivers and really can't find any. I am tired of navigating Windows using a keyboard only when I actually want to use the machine as it's design intends... as a tablet PC.

I know for a fact that everything

Do I even need drivers? Anyway if anyone knows how to get this thing working, has drivers, and such things like that, I would appreciate the help!

NOTE: I have NOTHING but the computer itself, no documentation or any disks for it (doesn't have a disk drive just a PCMCIA 170MB hard drive)

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June 16, 2010 at 17:34:48
If the tablet doesn't work with the stylus, it may need a special stylus. I have a HP TC1100 with a special stylus that is needed for using the touch capabilities. Unless the computer has a NIC, Windows for Workgroups is unneeded. An install of Windows 3.1 instead of WFW will free up some hard drive space.

Hope this helps

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June 19, 2010 at 17:08:32
No this doesn't help, the tablet isn't that type of tablet. The special stylus you are talking about is an electromagnetic stylus. This type of tablet is just a standard touch sensitive one that you can use really any piece of plastic. I have the touchscreen working in DOS apps (only as a mouse) but no handwriting recognition. And as for Windows for Workgroups, I have the original disks in box and everything, I just install disks 1-6 and it omits the networking portion. Essentially making it a Windows 3.11 install and not Windows 3.11 Windows For Workgroups install.

I also don't have Windows 3.1 by itself. I'm not too worried about hard disk space anyway because I have an iomega Clik drive I use with it. My problem I believe is driver related. Epson has NOTHING on this thing.

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