Switching between ramdrive and floppy

Ibm Os/2 warp 4.0 single license pack
April 1, 2011 at 15:56:55
Specs: Win 3.11, i430Tx PR200+/256Mb
I have a serious problem. I have a ramdrive that I setup using xmsdsk. When I switch drives between the floppy (a:) and the ramdrive (d:) and then return to the floppy drive DOS says it cannot read the disk. Doesn't happen between the Hard Drive and floppy just the ramdrive. It just started doing this as I have been using XMSDSK to create a resizeable ramdrive for months. I am wondering if I have got some kind of virus from using some old software.

I have yet to see if it is a problem with the floppy controller by using a different floppy drive, but could that be the problem?

Also, floppy disks that I try to change the volume label become corrupted immediately.

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April 3, 2011 at 11:39:12
I figured out the problem. When I REM'd out the DOSMAX driver in CONFIG.SYS everything went back to normal. I don't think DOSMAX works well with UMBPCI.SYS - which is a light replacement for EMM386 (noems). I killed a few disks because of it and even took out the floppy drive and put another in for checking.

April fool joke of my own making I suppose.

DOSMAX will give you 5000+ bytes of DOS memory and it helps for loading larger DOS programs in 3.11. I use pure DOS anyway for most things, so it wasn't that necessary to get it up to 618384 when anything over 600000 is usually good enough.

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