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Microsoft Windows 3.11
May 20, 2010 at 16:19:42
Specs: Windows 3.11
OK. I have been trying to install Lynx for DOS on a 3.11 shell. NOT DOSLYNX - which is a completely different generation of the Lynx family. The directions for setting it up leave a lot to be desired. FDISK and other sites are quite old and are calculated toward the era before the ADSL explosion.

The packet drivers were not too much trouble. Environment space is a problem. I had to use the dos rescue I made to restore my config.sys and autoexec.bat a couple of times.

Nothing makes me more nervous than having to resort to that remedy - because you never know when the rescue disk might not work. You know how computing can be - the unexpected slaps you in the head.

Bobcat is useless through the setup because it is a isp dial-up format.

To make matters worse, on youtube, some guy is showing off his system running lynx in DOS. No explanations or tips and no repsonse to comments.

Lynx is a HUGE challenge to set up - when it really shouldn't be. I managed the packet drivers - at least that was something.

Has anyone got it set up so I can examine your config.sys, system.ini (windows), autoexec.bat, lynxbat.bat, lynxloca.bat, lynx.cfg, lynx.lss,wattcp.cfg and one other I think. Also, can the network packet driver serve local files instead of manual switching to the null packet driver? How does that all work?

I hate to give up, because getting lynx running on 3.11 is an important thing because it can kill bad html whereas the old browsers fall over too often.

Any help would be appreciated...

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June 5, 2010 at 17:48:27
Well no one answered me out of lack of interest I suppose.

BUT DOSLYNX rules for the old computer hobbyist. It works and it works well.

This is the .39b suite with the DPMI and REAL versions and I have set it up to batch it onto the ramdisk for better disk access - which it needs especially in the protected mode. Real mode not much diff.

Excellent. Forget the rest - go with LYNX!

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