Live Windows 3.x USB Flash drive:Is it possible?

August 10, 2020 at 09:40:28
Specs: Windows 3.x on DOS 7.1+., various.
Greetings,i found some Live CD ISOs of Windows 3.x & some DOS live CDs & also some options to create bootable DOS Flash drives(USB/SD/CF),ie by Rufus or Partition Guru & as i would like to be able to save settings,add some 16bit apps,when i found "new",etc,a flash drive solution would be better,but these tools,which offers "Create DOS System" option,when i formatting a drive as FAT,offers this option also for FAT32,which means,these tools will install MS-DOS 7.1+ or eqivalent FreeDOS,DR-DOS,PC-DOS...,but Windows 3.x r designed for running on DOS up to 6.22,& DOS up to 6.22 cms to be unable to boot from a flash drive(USB/CF/SD) & questionable,if can run from CD without a boot floppy.This is my other project,than my main with Dell Latitude,if some1 have read that,so do not confuse,this project is for various computers without FDD & for sharing with general public museums with personnel without virtualization skills for public exhibitions of 16bit historical SW,so this is not for 1 particular computer,thus Live Flash drive,so the core question is,how to combine Windows 3.x with newer DOS,than 6.22,which is offered by new bootable drive creating tools maybe compatible also with UEFI systems,as they has in their description info,they offer DOS bootable USB for BIOS flashing utilities,so these tools will install very new DOS.
•Add Windows 3.x to a modern DOS bootable USB Flash/CF/SD drive to be executable from that DOS by .
•Bootability on different machines,ideally UEFI too,@ least in CSM mode.
•Ability to save settings,add 16bit apps later,like screenmates,screen savers,games,etc.
Not priorities(not necessary to work):
•Access to HDD.
•Full colors(no problem running @ 16 colors).
•Other driver-specific functionality,which's absence will not affect basic functionality,as boot,run simple 16bit apps,keyboard,mouse...
Can some1 advise me,how to config a new DOS & Windows 3.x to work together on bootable flash drive?
Thanx for any advices(except "give it up,this is useless").

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Thanx to for being the forum with most user-friendly & constructive Admins.

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