Windows Server 2012 Backup - Deletion Policy Issue

September 5, 2016 at 04:47:20
Specs: Windows Server 2012
I am running Windows Server 2012 and on a nightly basis, Windows Server Backup is run and creates a FULL backup to a USB-attached external 8 TB hard drive.

After each backup, I have been watching the available space on the external drive decrease, and was curious to know what was going to happen when the size of a backup exceeded the amount of available space on the drive. I assumed the backup procedure would act like a FIFO algorithm, the OLDEST data would get deleted first, but it appears as if the external drive was about to store about 40 backups before it ran out of space, and the backup procedure decided to completely delete all 40 copies and simply start from scratch. I logged in this morning to query the backup status and I went from roughly 40 copies available down to two (2) copies being available.

I have taken to Google and from what I have read, it appears as if the backup procedure is supposed to be smart enough to delete the oldest copies to make room for the newest copies, so if that were the case, I would expect to always retain somewhere around 40 copies of backups.

What am I doing wrong?

Matthew R. Smith

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November 16, 2016 at 16:24:37
As an update to this inquiry, I was able to get about 70 backups until they were all wiped out and the process started over again.

Any advice?

Matthew R. Smith

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