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November 6, 2011 at 01:39:52
Specs: windows server 2008
hello all. Ok the plan is to have a server that host 2 web sites and 1 ftp, this will be a stand alone server. this server is gonna be on internet and not local lan. What I want is for you to use to enter the web site. forget the ftp so far, the web site is the most important here now. Ok. so far, I have installed the Windows server 2008 enterprise, DNS and web server.
The server is conncted to a router and out to the internet. First, I have set my network card up with a static ip, this is now set up ass. ip=192.168.0.x network mask= and the gateway is the local ip for the router. preferred DNS server is the same as my ip on my card. I have tested and the internet is working. I have also sett port forward on my ruter to TCP = start port 53, end port 53 and ip the same as my static ip on my card. why I using port 53 is becaouse the port 80 is in stelth mode. I did a test on my router on internet and it come up with 80 in a stelth mode, and lot of other port is closed, the only port that was open was the port 53. I don`t know howe to open the other ports, so I will be glad if someone can tell me how to do that. Ok. My computer name is server2008 and my workgroup is Workgroup. I changed this to myweb2008 and the workgroup is still workgroup. I set the domain name to The full computer name is now I have installed DNS server and Web server. I also have configured the DNS server. I hope I have done this correct. My question so far is: Can I set up my own hostname for you to use ? I don`t want to use a provider on the internet like or some others. I want to create my own to use. How do I do that ? Like I was telling you, I have installed the DNS server en set it up. I have tried to connct to my web site with the hostname but it won`t connect. if I use http://local or my static ip adress it connect`s. Do I miss something in the windows server 2008 ? is there something more I have to install ? I hope someone can help me and guide me trough this.
Thank you.

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November 6, 2011 at 13:03:35
You can't use the domain, or any other domain name, without registering it with a provider. You have to buy the domain that you want (providing it is available) and the provider will then provide DNS services for that domain. Don't use a port other than 80 for your web server (else people will need to specify the port when connecting to it). And most certainly don't use port 53 which is reserved for DNS (or any other well-defined port).

I would recommend that you read a good book about networking before proceeding further. If you don't understand these sort of details then I'm pretty sure that you don't understand what you need to do to secure your server. It will get hacked within a few days.

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November 6, 2011 at 16:56:40
Ok so what you mean is that to install a domain server is no good ? why do I have to buy a domain and a DNS on internet when I alredy have one in WS2008 ?? So if I`m correct now, I can`t host web site for other people on the internet, that does not make any sence at all. The DNS services that comes with WS2008 is also ment for the internet and not just local. One other thing, The DNS is working the same way as the DNS with a provider on the internet, the ip adress=domain name and domain name=ip adress. I have done this before but on another system. you have the domain and you have the domain name and the DNS to run it, and you telling me to read books ?? all I wanted to know how to set it up in WS2008. that system is new to me. I know all about security. I

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November 6, 2011 at 23:23:30
Yes, I'm telling you to read a book to get an understanding of what you are trying to do.

Just think for one moment what would happen if you could just choose a domain name at random. You choose "" and so do I. How do computers know which one to connect to? Without an entry in an external DNS server how are computers going to know where to look for your domain anyway?

Don't try to run before you can walk. Learn about networking and the Internet first. It's far too big a subject to cover in a forum post. Once you understand that you can understand how to secure a public server.

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November 7, 2011 at 09:21:43
"The DNS services that comes with WS2008 is also ment for the internet"
No its not meant for the internet per say. is already registered

I want to create my own to use. How do I do that ?
You buy/register a new name that no one has chosen before or you buy one someone will sell you.

Do you understand that you and your dns server can NOT update the WEB's dns servers?

Answers are only as good as the information you provide.
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November 7, 2011 at 09:34:36
You can certainly use a Windows DNS server as the authoritative DNS server for an Internet domain. But, in this case we are talking about a Windows domain that uses non-routeable addresses. Even if the OP purchased a domain he wouldn't be able to use his internal DNS server for this purpose as it would return private, non-routeable addresses.

I think a lot of people get confused between AD domains and Internet domains. I don't think you'd want to expose your AD domain to the world at large.

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November 7, 2011 at 11:50:16
Ah! Now I understand this in a better way yes. no no you are so right,t that would be inpossible to do. I was thinking this in a wrong way. I done some networking before but this is a little new to me. What I was thinking was thee way I did with my ftp server a time back. I had a online ftp server, when people was logging into theyr acc--t they was using exampel. I thought it was almost the same on a web server like. you set up your hostname in the DNS service/web server. I tought I read something like that on the DNS service but I must have missunderstand a little I think., that you someway could redirect the router and into web site on your server. if you take my ip like you can get in and then it would hit my hostname. and if you turned it around like, org, net or wathever and the router transfer that into the ip on my network card. But that will not do. I must like you say, read a little lol. But thank you ijack and wanderer for your help, I do understand this a little better now. Have one question. What is the differents between our servers and they on internet like com, org and so on ? why can`t we do the same as they do ?
why can`t we make up out own like con, orge or something like that. they have DNS servers but so do we, Windows server xxxx have a DNS service like they have. this is a wherry heavy stuff to learn but wherry fun it is :)

A final question. I want to host a web sites for a friend and rent out the domain to him. but to get him a hostname like, org, com and so on. I have to buy that name first ? what would it take for me to start a website like them hwo sell domains and hostnames ? but in a small way then.

Thank you guys for helping.

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