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October 13, 2010 at 13:54:24
Specs: Windows SBS Server 2008, 2X Quad Xeon / 8GB RAM
Hi All,

Perhaps you can shed some light on the subject for me,

I have installed a new SBS 2008 STD server for a client
I am trying to sort out the external domain name / exchange issue i have at hand

The client is a franchise, the head office collects the mail for all frachise`s around the country and everyone pops from there.

So i obvioustly can not use the same domain name eg: or there will be a conflict
I can create a new domain name but then the mail address`s will not conform to the rest of the country. ie:
i still intend to pop the mail from the head office to my exchange.. its the outgoing mail that has me stumped.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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October 29, 2010 at 09:47:04
Hi All,

Just for the record.....

I am happy to announce that there is a solution.

Ok so lets say that the remote head office (site A) has a domain name of and you need your clients to use the same for e-mail at your office (site B).

Have an e-mail relay account created at site A (pop3 account)

Then on your exchange 2007 at site B do the following:

in exchange 2007 under orgarnization configuration, Hub Transport...... create a new Accepted domain using site A`s domain name (ie: set it as an internal relay (also set it to default)

then create a new e-mail address policy to be applied to all accounts ... also configured as (this will change your users e-mail address`s from to (make sure it has a priority of 1)

then you need to create 2 SMTP Send Connectors the first one`s address space must be (no astrix`s or dots)

Under network select ...route through the following smart host and configure the account details for the relay you had setup at site A in the beginning of this document

Then create another SMTP Send Connector but under the address space only put in an asterix (*) and setup your network tab the same as the first connector (smart host connecting to Site A`s Host name with username and password)

The first SMTP connector will push all contoso mails that are not configured on your exchange to Site A for resolution

the Second will handle all other domains

Dont make the mistake i made.... local delivery is not disabled by doing this so any mailbox setup in your exchange will still get mail locally if the mailbox does not exist .........THEN only will it look externally. (also make sure that only local users are in your global address list)

I deleted all other Accepted domains and all other smtp Send connectors that were there by default

lastly what i did was the other 2 e-mail address policies.... i modified them to both be not or anything else.

Also i did not bother with an edge server ...etc... as i didn`t need it.

you need to reset your exchange services and all shoud be working.

for the record... i thought my self signed cerficate that i created was playing a part of my mail not sending correctly....... well it DOES NOT make any difference at this point ...........its all about your accepted domain, send connectors, e-mail address policy and your smart host

if you have any hassles let me know
also here is another reference that i used.

best of luck guys.

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