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SBS 2011 Loses Internet Every 60 Seconds - SOLVED

December 19, 2015 at 06:09:16
Specs: Windows SBS 2011, XEON 2.4GHz / 16 GB
My SBS 2011 server sporadically drops connection - SOLVED

For me, It was not a malfunctioning NIC, but rather an IP conflict between SBS and the Remote Management Interface in the BIOS - IPMI.

Thank you to those who worked this thread:
And especially Tony for his inspiration which in turn caused mine to occur as well.

I had been fighting this for some time thinking it was an SBS DNS or AD issue, but it was a simple IP conflict with the Remote Management Interface on the Dell server.

Funny how it's inevitably a simple answer, but an intricate journey to the question.

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December 21, 2015 at 05:05:05
To correct the IP conflict:

- Restart Dell Server or whatever brand you have
- Wait for Remote Management Interface configuration screen then hit CTRL-E or whatever it is for you
- Go to IPv4 settings
- Change IP to something other than the IP assigned to the primary SBS NIC
- Do NOT use the same IP, otherwise a conflict will occur

I changed my IP to a totally different VLAN by the way.

This is not a conflict that is easy to diagnose. Please post if you have a tool that could show a conflict with IPMI on the LAN. I realize changing the server IP and then pinging to see a reply would also show this. But what if you didn't know you had a conflict to begin with? I'm looking for recommendations on good networking tools.


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