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January 16, 2013 at 07:54:55
Specs: Windows 2008, 4G

We have a DC Windows 2008 server R2 64bit with Windows 7 pro eng 32bit client and I am trying to setup 1 mandatory profile to work with all our 700 login users
1. Made a folder called profiles$ and shared it out from the server and given admin/system/domain users full permission
2 Created a new users called "mandatory" and is a member of the domain users and the profile path set to \\server\profile$\mandatory
3 Logged in from a client to the domain as mandatory and changed some settings in Firefox/Chrome etc and logged off.
4. I could see in the profile$\mandatory.v2 was created but couldn't get into this folder because of permission not set to admin, so on the client I type \\server\profiles$\ and set the permission of the mandatory.v2 folder to have administrator (full access) system (full access) and domain users (read access) and mandatory already have full access set.
5. Went in the server and rename the ntuser.dat to in the mandatory.v2 profile
6. Logged in to another client and the setting are the same and in the c:\users I could see mandatory profile is created after login on the client.

Now I wanted to use this profile on the server for all my other domain login users, so I put in the profile path as \\server\profile$\mandatory on the accounts settings in AD in one of the users but when I go to login on the client the c:\users\ shows it's a TEMP profile and the settings are not what I wanted.

I have even tried using regedit and load the hive mandatory/NTuser.dat into HKey_users and HKey_local_machines and changed the permission to domain users (full) in the advance permission as suggested by some sites and unload the hive and rename it back to afterwards but the profile is still TEMP when logged in to the client.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? much appreciated for some help.


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January 16, 2013 at 11:31:53
How about you follow this procedure list?

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