Hyper-V kills all other wireless clients

Microsoft Windows server 2008 enterprise...
November 22, 2009 at 09:38:57
Specs: Win 2008 R2, AMD Phenom X4 / 8GB
I just re-installed the OS on the same hardware, and nothing in the environment has changed, but I started having problems immediately after.

My simple environment is in my home and consists of a mix of wired and wireless computers connected via a Linksys DIR-655 wireless router.

Wired clients are: 2008 R2 server, Win7 media PC.

Wireless clients are: 2 laptops, and an internet radio appliance. All of these clients are DHCP.

2008 R2 has Hyper-V installed, and runs 2 virtual machines. All 3 of these instances have static IP addresses.

The configuration is EXACTLY the same as what has been working fine for months. But this time as soon as I got Hyper-V up and running, all of the wireless clients took a dive.

They proceded to come up very briefly, and then die. When I say "die", they would lose connection to the wireless network, and not even see the network for several minutes, then try to log back in. They would come up briefly again, and after a few minutes, the same thing happened again.

If I shut down 2008 R2, everything becomes stable again.

I assume that I have set up the networking for the Hyper-V clients incorrectly or in a way that messes with the rest of the network and the DHCP, but I can't figure out what might be doing it.

Any help much appreciated!

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November 22, 2009 at 15:33:43
"All 3 of these instances have static IP addresses."

Are these addresses excluded from the wireless dhcp scope?

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November 22, 2009 at 16:05:00
Yes. My DHCP series starts from 150, and the 3 instances I used were 110-112.

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November 23, 2009 at 07:51:43
Bring up one hyperV session at a time to determine which one [or all?] is causing the problem.

None of them are doing dhcp serving are they?

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