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January 22, 2011 at 22:25:30
Specs: Windows Server 2008 R2, Intel Atom D525 / 2GB Ram
Because of circumstances not within my control I'm in the process of building a small Windows Domain Network that will run almost completely over a VPN connection. So it can also be said that technically this network has no central data center. (We have no data center) My primary DC is located on a dedicated server some were in new jersey with static IPs. I have successfully configured the VPN Server, Users, Shares, Services, Applications, Etc... But now I'm having a slight problem with adding computers and additional DCs to the domain. My first attempt was an additional DC located some place else and my second attempt was my Windows 7 Laptop which both made successful joining to the domain when a solid VPN connection was made.

My additional DC is frozen with the "Preparing Network Connections" and my Laptop is stuck with "Please wait for the User Profile Service". I believe the problem is that both computers are unable to communicate with the primary DC hence no VPN is currently established.

I personally have several thoughts on how to solve the issue so I thought I would run them past this community for some feed back. I have no idea which ones would work or if they are possible to begin with.

Option #1: Configure both computers to establish a VPN connection before login is made. One con to this solution is my laptop uses a Wireless Internet Card and unless that connection can be made before hand this will not work.

Option #2: Configure the Windows Domain Network to ignore the step that is causing the delay until the VPN Connection is made. It seems that this option must be possible because before this job I worked for AT&T as a field technician and we had Laptops running on a very similar Windows Domain setup as mine. Our laptop would log straight in and once we made our VPN connection we could access our network resources.

Option #3: Your solution here... LOL!

What I am looking for as responses are how-tos or links to how-tos that would help get this done. Please make serious suggestions or reply as this is my current circonstances and like I said this is how it is. Thank you.

Joel T Greene

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January 24, 2011 at 17:08:57
I'm happy to report that I resolved the majority of this issue. I got the secondary server to communicate perfectly with the PDC by creating a persistent VPN Interface using the Routing and Remote Access. This allows my server to communicate with the PDC even if no user is logged in. Now my laptop is different story. After waiting almost two hours my laptop finally gave up on talking to the PDC. The result was a new user with not everything initialized correctly. After some research I found out that I can configure my VPN connection to be available before login. All I have to do is click "Other User" at the login screen then click a little icon that looks like a computer monitor in the corner which then I can login to the VPN Server with my domain credentials. This allowed me get my user initialized correctly and all group policies applied. NICE!

This only leaves me with one remaining issue. First my Secondary DC is running Windows 2003 Server so IPv6 is not automatically enabled. I checked online and found out I can add it like a new protocol, You know the install button in the properties window, But I found out this only works for the Physical Connection. When I edit the properties of the VPN Connection the IPv6 Protocol is not available in the Install list. So that will have to be worked out.

Joel T Greene

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