AD on Win2008 won't start without old Win2003

December 4, 2010 at 20:54:02
Specs: Windows 2008 R2, XEON / 4GB
This involves 3 servers :- 1 IBM P4, 1 Dell PE2900 with new RAID card and 1 newly bought Dell PET110.

IBM P4 is on Win2003 SBS, PE2900 is on Win2003R2, and PET110 is Win2008R2. All with lastest SPs.

IBM P4 was the first server with all 5 FSMO roles plus GC. PE2900 was installed with db and web applications.

The situation: Need to bring down IBM P4, reformat PE2900 with new RAID 10, and make PET110 as the first DC. PE2900

I have done the following:
1) Install the new PET110 with DHCP (was on PE2900), DNS, IIS, AD, FS and the dependencies.
2) Prep the IBM P4 with ADPREP so that schema is up to par (warn by win2008).
3) Join PET110 to the existing domain. Successful but with warning (cannot do ADPREP /rodcprep).
4) Successfully transfer PID, PDC and Infrastructure roles plus GC, but fail to transfer schema and domain naming. Error was unable to contact ad server. Weird. So, I seize the roles.

Now the problem is if I turn off the old IBM, PET110's AD will not run. Keeps reporting that the DC cannot be contacted. dcdiag also reported that forest dc is out. But I am sure all 5 fsmo and gc are transfer without problem. Verify that will IBM's snap-ins.

Also, Win2008 event logs also reported that GC cannot be contacted.

What can cause this problem?

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December 5, 2010 at 08:28:04
Not sure why you would want a rodc given your situation.

First clue something was wrong was having to seize the roles which you only do when the server has gone off line.

No mention of dns server being installed on the new dc or linked with the original dc.

Might want to go to technet and review adding a dc.. The following should help

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