2008 Server mem usage too high

December 29, 2010 at 09:30:04
Specs: Windows 2008 Server, 4gb
Hi. I have a freshly installed 2008 Server (Standard) that is used as a terminal server. I noticed immediately that with only myself logged in that I am using 32% of the available memory. I checked on of the last 2008 servers with 7 users and it is using 83%! I was trying to figure out why the server kept locking up, and disconnecting users and now I think I know why. This server has 4gb of ram, but why would it be using 83% continuosly? When someone runs a report it jumps up to 90%. and that is only one user so imagine what happens when all 7 users are working to capacity. What is it about 2008 server that is causing this issue? I looked at 3 of my other recenly upgraded 2008 servers and they are all doing the same thing.

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December 29, 2010 at 09:54:51
On my 32-bit WinXP computer at home, my commit charge is 1.1 GB, 620MB of which is my user space (Firefox, Calculator, 23 background processes). This is WinXP x86. Its kernel space is much smaller than Win7 x64. I'm not doing anything and I'm using the local console, so the numbers are low for both the user and the kernel, but the environment should suffice for my point.

1126MB (total commit) - 620MB (user commit) = 506MB (kernel commit).

506MB (kernel commit) + 620MB (user commit) * 7 (users) = 4846MB (total commit) = 4.7GB (commit charge)

The point? 4GB is too low for a Terminal Server.

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December 29, 2010 at 10:47:26
There is no way of telling from your description that there is a problem at all. The issue isn't with Server 2008 but with what your users are doing. Depending on user activity 83% usage with 7 users may be quite reasonable.

Is this a 32 bit OS. Your post does not make this clear. If it is the issue may be due to exhaustion of the Kernel address space. This is a common problem with 32 bit terminal servers.

Your problem may not be related to RAM or kernel space issues. On of the worst things you can do when diagnosing a problem is jumping to premature conclusions.

If possible post a screenshot of Task Manager - Performance tab. Otherwise post the entire contents of it's contents.

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December 29, 2010 at 15:16:42
It wont allow a screen shot on this site. Here are the contents of the performance monitor. Keep in mind I am the only one logged in at 6:15pm EST so the leverls are much lower but still very high for only one user logged in.

Physical Memory (MB) Handles 20425
Total 3070 Threads 788
Cached 1212 Processes 80
Free 810 Uptime 26:03:42
Page File 1245m/6399m

Kernel Memory (MB)
Total 125
Paged 87
Nonpaged 38

Processes 81, CPU usage 30% and Physical Memory 46%

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January 1, 2011 at 11:59:29
If you have a shortage of memory you will see excessive paging. That is the stat you want to be looking at.

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