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March 22, 2012 at 03:38:18
Specs: Windows server 2003, 2.4GHz /2Gb
Hello, and thank-you for looking at htis post. i hope it interests you, even if you can't help.
We have just agreed to install WSUS on a server running windows server 2003. All of the install went fine and the server downloaded all the updates. We have never used WSUS before and as such there are over 300 updates to approve (but this isn't the problem) and they need to be installed across 100 workstations and 15 servers.

The problem is one of reporting. We have just 'downloaded' over 300 updates. Our IS department have said, no installing of updates on any of the applications servers (10/15) without testing. They want to know all of the updates (already gave them this list). But they also want it broken down further. They want to know, what servers require what updates.
Now, in the main window of WSUS, i set the filter to 'unapproved' and 'needed', so there is now 271 updates. If i right click an update and select 'Status report' then it runs the report and opens a new window with the report. If i then click on next page, it then shows me the servers (& PCs) the current update needs running on. So i can then click on Save ( i choose as PDF) but regardless, i have to keep chanigng the name of the file to make sure information is not over written. The issue is of course, is there is 271 updates for me to do this for. i have done 27, but it is so tedious to have to keep doing this. Does anyone know of a way i can do this all in one swoop. i want to run the status report on all 271 updates and have the report name for each update the servers (& PCs) the updates need installing on. I need to pass this list to IS. It doesn't matter if it is in PDF or CSV format. I have tried asking IS for help, because i am sure you can script it. Trouble, there has never been a good relationship between IS and IT. I was the one who told IS what we were doing by installing WSUS and rolling out automatic updates. There very terse response to me was... 'i am surprised you told us. no one has ever told us before. You guys just roll updates to servers, set group policies and do all kind of things, and the only time we find out, is when our applications stop working or people can't access the applications. We have to come and sort out your S@IT' so you can see, i hope, they aren't interested to help. But they secured an agreement that i don't install updates before they have the full list of updates and to what servers they are installed on. What IS agreed to do, is to set up one 'all singing application server in a test environment and also to report to us, if they know of any updates that might cause them issues.
If someone could help me with this onerous task i would much appreciate it. i am supposed to have it completed by the end of March and that includes the testing. At the moment, with all my other work, i am lucky if i can do more than about ten reports a day, which is nowhere near enough.

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March 27, 2012 at 05:03:23
it is coming to something when you have to answer your own questions, isn't it?

Well the answer wasn't some clever scripting in the end 'booooo'

If you click on Reports and Detailed Computer reports then it will produce a list of every PC and the updates it requires. We have organised our containers into Servers and workstations, so we can just run the reports about the servers.

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