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Solved Workstation Still Pings By Name After Deletion From DNS

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I deleted the computer account from Active Directory, deleted the forward and reverse DNS entries for that box from both DNS servers,ran IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS, ran NBTSTAT -RR, and ran ARP -d * from both domain controllers and on my workstation, but I can still ping that box by name (ping 3748-138-ws02) and it replies with its IP address and Lost = 0 — from both domain controllers (hosting DNS) and from my workstation as well.
Where is the resolution of name to IP address occurring when there are no DNS entries, the DNS cache is flushed, the ARP table is emptied, and NetBIOS entries are removed?


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  1. Is the client using a DHCP address? If so, I believe the Windows DNS server will create a dynamic DNS record for it whether it is joined to the domain or not.
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