VPN W2K3 can't traverse into 192 LAN

December 17, 2010 at 14:39:36
Specs: Windows 2003
Hi There,
Thanks for reading. I've got a basic box running Windows 2003 acting as a VPN server. I can connect to it from the outside. From inside the network, the NetBIOS name can't be found but the server's private IP won't answer pings either.

From the server, pings into the LAN read Destination Host Unreachable. A tracert to the first interal hop reads the same: DHU. The tracert completes in one hop (which seems right to me).

From VPN client, can ping the logical DHCP server address that the VPN server is configured with. Clients continue out to the Internet but, like server, cannot traverse into the LAN.

Thanks again for reading.

Left out something important: LAN traffic TO and FROM the vpn server works great when I kill the RRAS service on the VPN server.

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December 17, 2010 at 15:04:49
Are you using a 3rd party app for the vpn? Killing RRAS if you're using it for vpn should kill the vpn access also.

One of the choices of vpn setup is server only or entire network. Sounds like you chose server but wanted network.

This is a odd statement
"Clients continue out to the Internet but, like server, cannot traverse into the LAN."

You vpning on the lan to the local server???

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December 17, 2010 at 15:54:51
Hi Wanderer,
Thanks for writing.

I'm using the native RRAS app for VPN. As you noted, no RRAS = no VPN. Only mentioned to illustrate that the server IS talking to the LAN but only when RRAS is off.

The odd statement was about needing to manage the server over LAN via RDC (which we currently do with the existing vpn server) and for vpn clients to be able to access network resources when working from home.

Can "server or entire network" be toggled now that I apparently chose wrong?

Thanks again!

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