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Unable to install windows server2003 on win 7

October 4, 2011 at 03:35:14
Specs: Windows 7, 2.00ghz/4gb ram
I have a laptop (Dual core 2.00ghz,4gb RAM,)with windows 7 installed. I currently have vmware installed on it and have a virtual machine running Windows server 2003 ent edition. I have installed SAP on this VM. My problem is that whenever i open the virtual machine to use SAP, the system becomes very slow. It takes much time to open the screens. Even outside the VM, on my windows 7 desktop too, the screens appear after a very long time, leaving me all the more frustrated.
I, now want to remove this complete Vmware, windows7 OS and directly install Windows Server 2003 ent edition on my laptop so that I can use SAP on it.
I have tried installing using the windows server 2003 cd, but as I insert the cd and reboot my laptop from the cdrom, the windows setup starts running directly. The screen shows its copying initial files and other settings for a while and then the BLUE SCREEN appears stating that the Hard drive is been corrupted and run chkdsk for errors etc etc and the setup fails.

I have tried this multiple times and even with different win server 2003 cd's. But they all fail.

Recently I read on one of the forums regarding this issue that prior to installing win server 2003, i have to go to my BIOS and change the drive setting from AHCI to ATA and then reboot and proceed with installation. Is this correct ?

Please advise, as its been more than a week, and i am unable to get rid of this issue.

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October 4, 2011 at 04:02:09
It sounds like you are trying to install on a SATA drive. As you say, you will either have to change your drive type to ATA in the BIOS or (better) install the appropriate SATA driver by pressing F6 when the installation starts.

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