Time problem on server 2003

Microsoft Windows server v2003 r2 standa...
August 2, 2010 at 01:14:28
Specs: Windows Server 2003 Service pack 2, 2.194 GHz / 1533 MB
Hello Everyone
We have an organization that has Windows server 2008 with exchange as its domain controller, an Application Server, and a Storage Server with Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2. All the Data is on Storage, and client get this through shared drives.
Now the problem is, the time on the storage server is not synchronizing with the DC, it is 9 minutes behind it. Beacuse of which the shared on client computers donot reconnect automatically, the drives are marked "x" but they do open when we double click.. but an application which links through the shared opens with difficulty...
I have tried this :
When i type "Net time", on storage, it displays the time on the DC. I tried manually adjusting the time, but after 10-15 minutes it gets back to 9 minutes behind. I also tried to set the time through a command, specifying to get time from a particular machine, which again worked for sometime and then the clock moved back by 9 minutes..
I have internet time on my personal Xp machine coming from a server in singapore, and i have noticed that the time on storage and my Xp is same, suspecting storage is getting time through a time server as well. "How do i check if its getting time from a time server." The internet time tab is not displayed on storage, as it is a client machine.
"All i want is for my storage to get the time from my DC..." which i think should solve my application opening and shared drive problem..
Thanks, any help is appreciated...

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August 3, 2010 at 10:40:17
It is my understanding Storage Server is only a OEM product. In other words you can't build a storage server you can only buy it.

I would contact the OEM and get them to correct or replace the unit.

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August 3, 2010 at 23:36:26
We have named it that way, its just a widows server 2003, on which we keep all the data.. and i dont think for a problem of 9 minutes, i shud go through this...
Another strange thing is since yesterday, this problem is solved, i mean, the drives reconnect automatically at startup and the program works fine... but the time is still 9 minutes behind
Anyways, thanks for your help wanderer..

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August 4, 2010 at 15:58:00
time sync in Active Directory is a HUGE deal so you should be very concerned.

Have you gone into the servers bios to set the time? You should. You should also point this server to a known good NTP time source.


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