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Raid Migration Windows 2003

Supermicro X6da8-g2 motherboard
April 18, 2010 at 07:07:44
Specs: 2003, dual 2.8
I have a Promise Raid SX4300 hardware card that originally had 3 drives(500gb each) in a Raid 5 array with one drive as a active spare. This gave me 1000gb of space. I decided to migrate the configuration through Promises Webpam software to include the spare drive, giving me 1400gb of space in a raid 5 ((4) 500gb drives). Now my promise card recognizes it as 1400gb but windows 2003 recognizes it as (1) dynamic disk at 931gb and (1) unallocated drive at 465gb. How do I fix this so Windows 2003 recognizes it without losing anything off the drive?

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April 20, 2010 at 10:03:19
to correct this you would need to image the drive [imaging now supports dynamic disks? last I checked it didn't but I think perhaps the newest version of aconis does] then restore the image expanding it to use the entire disk.

You could also do a ntfs junction point to point a folder to use the additional drive space.

You would NOT want to span/create a spanned volume [volume set] which would create a non fault tolerant volume on the hardware fault tolerant array.

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