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Problem Group Policy Object

December 19, 2011 at 07:29:41
I am having some problem with my group policy. I am trying to implement a policy to a group but whatever the changes I make to the policy, they don't take effect in client systems but they are applying in my system in all users which i create but what i need is to apply in client systems. I am using the following way. Can you tell me where I am wrong.
1. I have created a new CORPORATE OU and added a few OU's to it.
2. I that CORPORATE OU i created one GPO.
3. I added all settings to that GPO(wall paper),Password lockout policy etc.
4. In sub of CORPORATE OU i created 5 OU's and named them ACCOUNTS,SALES,FINANCE,ADMIN,HR
5. I add users into those OU's
6. saved all setting (gpupdate /force)
7. Applied a few changes, like disabling Add/remove programs from the Control Panel etc.
8. Closed the opened tree and clicked ok.
9. Then logged in to another computer with the user name which i created in domain all policy's applied like account lockout ,account reset etc are applied but wallpaper and screen ssaver,remove recycle bin were not applied and unable to trace out the problem.

Abdul Hai

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February 23, 2012 at 02:22:10
did u enforced the policy..


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