Printer share dissapears each day Server 2003 R2

May 8, 2012 at 06:57:14
Specs: Server 2003 R2, Variable/VM
Hi Guys,

Me and a few others here are quite stumped with this issue. I'll give a little background on the setup.

We have some clients that use a POS system that resides on a terminal server. They connect with remote desktop to use this software.
The way receipts are handled is kinda strange, but hey I didn't write the software just get the joy of supporting it.

The receipt printers are installed locally on the clients machine (Thin Clients).
This is then dragged across to the server via RDP. So they end up with a "Generic / Text Only (in session xyz)".
This is then shared from on the server and listed in the directory. Each time they process a sale, the software tells some central server about it, which then prints to the receipt printer (via the share).

There's probably about 200 of these receipt printers set up and working fine, rarely any issues.


We have one client who logs onto the server via RDP, their printer is shared and everything works as it should.
Then at around about 14:30 each and every day, the printer stops being shared. We will then have to log on and enable sharing on the printer again.
This happens at the same time every day, but I can't see anything in event viewer relating to it.
We've removed all non critical software from the Thin Client that may be interfering. Tried setting a share on the Thin Client itself to see if that disapears, which it doesn't.

Has anyone seen anything like this before, or has any insight into what may be causing this?

Thanks very much!

tl;dr - printer loses it's share each day at 14:30, can't see anything in event viewer about it.

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May 8, 2012 at 10:28:06
enable auditing and monitor that shared folder.
review scheduled tasks.

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