No internet for some clients

August 12, 2011 at 09:33:42
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I'm looking after a server for a small charity and have just recently encountered some issues! The server is running Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2 (directly from System Properties). The server roles include file, print, application, remote access / VPN, domain controller, DNS and DHCP.

Our original set-up was 4 computers (3 x Windows XP, 1 x Windows 7 Pro), 2 network printers and a wireless access point with no more than 2 wireless clients accessing it at any one time. This worked flawlessly, never had any problems.

We recently moved to a larger office and installed some *additional* network equipment, including a network photocopier, 6 x SIP IP phones and 2 x Windows 7 Pro desktops.

Here comes the problem.. We can get *all devices* accessing the network but a maximum of roughly 9 (4 PCs + 4 Phones + 1 Laptop) can access the internet at any one time! If one of the machines has been turned off for a period of time it seems that another machine can then access the internet. They all connect to the server and get correct IP / DNS / WINS information but the extra ones (above 9) just cannot route to the internet.

Is it possible that this is a licensing issue? I believe that the OS comes with 5 Client Access Licences (CALs) and I think we purchased 1 additional licence. Under Control Panel > Licensing the licensing mode for Windows Server seems to be set at "Per Device or Per User". Then under Administrative Tools > Licensing (with our domain selected) on the "Product View" tab it says the following:

Windows Server
- Per Device or Per User Purchased = 0
- Per Device or Per User Allocated = 12
- Per Server Purchased = 0
- Per Server Reached = 6

This is a bit confusing as it appears that Windows server is operating in both "Per Device or Per User" (12) AND "Per Server" (6) licensing mode??

Any one any ideas? I'm beginning to tear my hair out :( Any help is much, much appreciated. Thanks!

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September 21, 2011 at 07:53:49
checkit something like thi . Do some manual IP Settings. Assign Static IP to the PC/Laptop that is currently not able to get in internet and set DNS and Gateway drectly as IP of ADSL Router. Check if it works.

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September 21, 2011 at 10:19:31
your first step is to check the dhcp servers ip scope. this is the list of available ip addresses. appears your scope is too small. enlarge it.

understand how to check and do this?

btw you phones do NOT use MS licenses. licensing doesn't appear to be an issue

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