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Install Windows 2003 From Usb Flash Drive

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I am trying to install windows 2003 r2 (two iso files from msdn, disk 1 and disk 2) on a machine with no floppy drive and no dvd/cdrom. I created a bootable usb flash drive and copied the entire contents of disk 1 to the flash drive and when I boot, I am getting error with ntldr. Is it possible to install windows 2003 from flash drive?


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  1. The ISO files are designed for creating a CD (CD1 & CD2). You create a CD from each ISO file by using Nero or the free IMGBurn:…
    CD1 is the CD you boot your PC from to begin the installation.

    You cannot use a pen drive/flash drive to install. You will have to fit a CD drive to the PC.

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