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March 13, 2013 at 11:26:30
Specs: SBS2003, 2.67 Xenon / 4gb
i have an apple user that gets her email directly from an outside email host. our exchange is set up to not get her email on purpose. she is not on our exchange at all. when anyone in the company tries to send her local mail, of course she doesn't get it, she's not on exchange. I just thought there might be a way to tell exchange to send any local mail out to the email host. if i deleted her local email accounts under her AD entry, will it then forward all her email outside or what. thanks..

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March 13, 2013 at 13:19:24
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You can set her email client to get both the exchange and outside email.

Just add her internal email account to her email reader. Of course she will only get local email when connected to your network.

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March 14, 2013 at 06:27:19
and there is my problem. we have 2 apple users and one was set up to receive his email from exchange and had been doing so just fine until about 10 days ago. no changes to the server, no changes to AD but he simply stopped being able to connect to the exchange server. Shortly there after we had a spambot get on one of our computers and it caused all kinds of havoc for about a week. all email is working just fine now except the apple user. i have printed out about 4 different directions, one from Microsoft, on how to make Entourage connect to SBS2003. all of his setting are correct but he just can't connect. I set up Thunderbird on my PC and set it up to grab my email from exchange, even got it to grab the global directory. we were at his computer and remoted into mine trying to set up thunderbird on his, had all the same settings and it was still a no go. The Female Apple user was never connected to our exchange, she was always using smtp and pop directly to our email host.. but that meant that she's never gotten in house email as well. if i can't get the apple computers connecting to exchange i was hoping to have exchange send all of their local email out to our email host. there's got to be a way to have a special rule for those 2 users to have all their .local mail go outside the domain., any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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March 14, 2013 at 11:41:31
ok, so this female apple user never actually used her exchange mailbox. one was created for her but she had never logged into it. there were 40 emails in there but she had never seen any of them. I ended up deleting her mailbox and then going into the smtp connector and telling it to deliver unknown email to our email host. now when i send her an email, she is no longer in our Global Catalog but she is getting my email. now the guy has been using exchange for about a year and hates it. he's wanting to go back to his apple mail. guess i'll back up all his email into a pst and delete his mailbox.. stick him on smtp-pop email directly from the email host. My boss isn't here today so i'm going to wait till he is here to OK it through him.. just wish i could have gotten entourage to hook up to exchange.

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April 4, 2013 at 05:39:51
What i ended up doing was deleting her exchange mailbox, she never used it anyway. went into smtp and told it to forward all undeliverable email to our 3rd party provider. Now she gets all internal email and external. can't believe this woman has had no internal email for 2-3 years.

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