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Microsoft Windows server 2003 r2 standar...
January 16, 2010 at 12:06:05
Specs: Server 03 and XP Pro
Need help with configuring Server 2003 to communicate with a XP Pro Client. This is a new install. I have went in deleted all the roles once I initially installed Server 03. At present i have tried to install Domain Controller, DNS and DHCP. All have failed to install properly.

The DC has the following error message: The wizard has detected that there are no vaild addresses assigned to any of the network adapters for this computer. Please verify that the newtowork cable is connected, and that a DHCP server is available or the computer is configured to use a static IP address.

Im lost. When i tried to install the DHCP it told me that not all of the services would work becuase the system was taking to long.

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated.


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January 18, 2010 at 07:49:21
You need to start slowly and go one step at a time.

First, install the OS on your server and get it working on the network before you try to promote it to a DC.

Promoting a server that can't communicate on the network is moot and useless.

In any and every case when you're talking about a server, and most specifically one that will be promoted to a DC, you need to statically assign the TCP/IP settings to it.

Now, let's say you have a typical small environment with a highspeed (be it xDSL./cable) internet connection and you also have a SOHO router using the Class C private IP scheme.

DHCP Scope: to

Here's what you should do immediately upon completing the initial install of the operating system.
1) Ensure NIC is plugged into SOHO router
2) Set the following TCP/IP settings on server:
- IP:
- SM:
- Default Gateway:
3) Test to ensure you have connectivity. If you don't, troubleshoot problem (bad cable, bad NIC, bad router port, bad router etc)

Once you have connectivity established, you should then be able to communicate with any/all XP clients in the LAN. When your server is communicating you should then, and only then, promote it to a DC.

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January 18, 2010 at 08:08:52
Thank for the detailed information.. Let me give you some more details of my set up..

I am trying to create a LAN with out internet access.

I have a CISCO 5 port unmanged Switch, I have loaded the Server with Win 2003 Server and have one client loaded with XP Pro. Unable to ping the client.

Do i need the SOHO router if im not accessing the internet? If i do need it; I have Link System Router/Switch that i can use if it will help me out.
Initially, i was thinking i could have the server act as a router by enabling the DHCP.

Also, i am having issues setting the TCP/IP settings on the server. When i go into the settings (Network connections) there is only the wizard available. The wizard is not giving me the option to create a LAN only to connect to another computer via a serial connection.

Overall i think your right.. Im getting way ahead of my self.. What do you recommend?

Please advise.

Thanks again!

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