Exmerge stopped responding, possibly

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March 2, 2012 at 05:36:54
Specs: Windows server 2003, 2.4GHz /2Gb
We are running Exchange server 2003 on windows server 2003 with outlook client 2003
In our mail system we interface with a client that has a problem with their email system. I believe it isn't exchange. The problem is like this
We came in this morning to find the general helpdesk (not IT) mailbox rammed
What happens is someone logs a call on the helpdesk, they get an auto response message saying someone will contact them shortly. Sometimes people go 'out of office' at the same time a slogging a call and it is then the bouncing starts. Now our mail server is set to only send out one 'out of office' message, but this doens't affect auto response messages. The other rmail server will still respond with 'out of office'
The hapless helpdesk operators were trying to delete the emails that were coming in at the rate of 2-3 second.
First thing we did was to turn the rule off for a few minutes, but by then we had received over 650,000 emails and the mailbox normally restricted to 1gig had be come 8gig. Obviously the mailbox was non operational really. Deleting a 20 emails at a time is futile and it was taking an age to respond. i was advised to run exmerge on the exchange server.
Now there is a nice little blog on how to delete these messages from a mailbox on the server
I copied over the exmerge files for exchange 2003 and put them in the location specified in the blog
Here is the blog link

And it is a very good little run through of exmerge, well, i like it anyway.

Little problem
We back up our mail exchange server, so we don't worry for that
we back up all the mailboxes, so no worrie sthere either
i ran the program following all the instructions, everything went swimmingly, except
The program is still running two hours later
The file size grew to 390mb after about 30 minutes, but now it has stopped growing the file size
The ticker is still going round saying how long its been going for, but it doesn't there is nothing in the progress bar.
After 30 mins the helpdesk manager came to me and asked me how it was going.
Thing is, as i said, it just appeared to stop and still has two hours later
When i loaded the mailbox up on my PC using outlook, if there is anything happening, it is deleting them at the rate of 1 or 2 every two or three seconds. i was wathing that for an hour and still the file size is not growing of the PST that is created. I use the option to remove the emails
The helpdesk manager was getting impatient, because he is sure now there are missing emails, and we can't access the PST that has been created because th eprogram is running. I don't know how long it would take for this program to archive all these messages.
What we have had to do now is setup a client side rule on my PC to move these messages into a PST. This is working much better and is archiving at the rate of 50 emails /sec.

My question is has anyone else had this kind of problem? Is it going to take an age for it to work. Will Exmerge terminate gracefully at the end?

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March 2, 2012 at 07:01:46
I never used exmerge but a quick search on google mentioned a 2GB limit & some possible work arounds. Could that could be the reason why you think it stopped responding?

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