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Microsoft Windows server 2003
June 10, 2011 at 05:33:55
Specs: Windows 2008 server R2, Xeon Hexa Core 2,2Ghz / 16GB
In a very special case, a customer needs to handle DNS requests on their own, rather than using a web service for it. This is usually not a problem, but in this case it's an IDN which complicates things.

They use Windows 2003 server with Apache 2.2.19. The domain is "håsab.se" (or xn--hsab-qoa.se in punycode). This is what domaintools.com shows about the domain:

state: active
domain: xn--hsab-qoa.se (håsab.se)
holder: hallaf0808-00001
admin-c: -
tech-c: surfto0702-00004
billing-c: -
created: 2008-08-28
modified: 2011-03-10
expires: 2011-08-28
nserver: hallaekebro.dyndns.org
dnssec: unsigned delegation
status: ok
registrar: SE Direkt

The server is on a DSL line with dynamic IP so there's a dyndns-account tied to it. The address "hallaekebro.dyndns.org" will always lead to this server, so that's what I entered as NS. And the requests do look like they go through to the server, but there's just no reply.

For replies to be generated, the DNS server needs to understand it is the owner of the domain, am I right? Thinking so, I've added the punycode-domain (xn--hsab-qoa.se) to the DNS server, but when I try to ping it internally it doesn't answer. If I ping any other domain that the DNS server holds, it replies.
To me that sounds like the win 2003 dns can't handle punycode, or am I doing something wrong here?

Appriciate any thoughts, thanks!

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June 10, 2011 at 06:22:09
Think I found the answer... more or less by accident.

Eventually I got the domain to actually reply to ping, but it replied with the internal IP of the server. Easily fixed though, except I need to set the external IP of the server instead, which changes over time. So unless I want to keep track of when the IP changes and update it manually, the whole thing implodes :/

Hope this has some learning value for someone sometime.

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June 11, 2011 at 10:23:22
" except I need to set the external IP of the server instead, which changes over time."

if you can't get a static ip then consider dyndns.com for the solution of changing public ips


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