Disabling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security (IEES)

October 3, 2012 at 13:02:41
Specs: Server 2003
I'm looking for some feedback and thoughts on the some settings I'm looking at implementing. I'm not a server expert by any means, but am trying to make things more usable for our users.

We're running Server 2003 for terminal services and IEES is current enabled. From here I've put in place custom Content Advisor settings that completely blocks all sites, with 4 exceptions. Without the admin password, no sites except the 4 can be accessed. 3 of the sites work great, because they don't utilize java. The 4th site is heavily built with java, but from what I've been reading, because of IEES, java can't run. I have added the site to the trusted site list and still no dice.

I've also been reading that disabling IEES for users will fix my problem, but I've read mixed reviews on whether or not to disable IEES. Based off of the settings already in place (blocking all sites with exceptions), would disabling IEES be a bad idea since it technically opens up more possible issues, or am I already preventing this because blocks already in place?

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October 5, 2012 at 11:52:43
When you say Java, do you mean Java, or Javascript? If you have it in your trusted sites, Javascript should work fine. Java on the other hand would also require the Java plugin. The site you're trusting might also call other sites, which would also need to be trusted. I would only recommend turning off IESC if the users don't share the same windows account and are not administrators. As long as they are unshared, restricted accounts, the most damage they can usually do is to their own account.

Andrew Leonard
BL Technical Services
Emergency IT Support

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October 8, 2012 at 06:07:13
Thanks for the response Andrew, and sorry I didn't specify. It's an issue running javascript.

And yes, each user has their own account and they are not admin. I have yet to try turning IEES off, but the sites are in trusted and javascript still doesn't run. Even when I go in to check the settings, there is no javascript option listed anywhere.

These are sites I use extensively as well so before I roll it out to the users I'll be going through to make sure all needed sites (and sites called by sites) are trusted to avoid issues.

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