DC and DHCP replication Questions

Microsoft Windows server 2003 enterprise
August 11, 2010 at 11:31:38
Specs: Windows XP
I have some questions about DC replication and DHCP, maybe you can help me.

Here are my questions:

1) When i have a DC with Active Directory and create a new one with new active Directory, the two ADs replicate information between their databases?

2) What about load balacing ? when i have a AD in one DC and create a new one, on a new DC, the client machines (XP boxes), when starting, they connect to the first AD that is available? Is there load balacing between the two ADs?

3) What about DNS? if i have one DC that as one DNS and cretae a new DC with a new DNS will they replicate the information between the two databases?

4) What about Load balancing? Does the DNS divides the load with the other DNS?

5) I have installed this DCs replication using a link:


As you can see, through the link, one step is to do this:

"Configure the Second Domain Controller as a Global Catalog Server The first domain controller in the forest (AD01) is automatically configured as a global catalog server. For additional resilience, configure AD02 to be a global catalog server too."

Why do i need to configure the secondary DC as a Global Catalog server? can you explain what is the function of the Global Catalog Server, and why do i need to configure it to on the second DC server?

7) If AD and DNS databases replicate them selfs between the dirent DCs with wich frequency they replicate information betweeen them? Is there any time? can tgis time be changed?

8) As you can see, from the link that i gave you above, they say that, when i create the second DC, the network card of this DC needs to have the first DNS Server configured with the ip address of the First DC and only in the second DNS Server on the network card have the ip address of this second server, why?

"Configure AD02 to use AD01 as its primary DNS server. Then, promote AD02 to be an additional domain controller in the existing Fabrikam.com domain using DCPromo."

9) The fisrt DHCP that i have is one the first DC , when i created a Second DC (AD, DNS) i created too a second DHCP so that i can have fault toulerance. In the fisrt DHCP , in the SCOPE Options i have the property "004 - Time Server" selected. Shoud i select the same property on the second DHCP that i am creating? If not, why?

P.S. when i am talkinh about DC replication is because the second DC that i have installed is an addtional DC for a existing domain controller.

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August 11, 2010 at 13:04:37
1. yes active directory updates itself between both servers.

2. authenication load balancing is done between dc automatically

3. dns is configured as ad intergrated [preferred] or primary/secondary. They both contain the same information and the reason for two is redundancy

4. same answer as #2

5. you can think of the GC as the quick access list. Yes you need it on both again for redundancy

6. no question

7. you need to spend time learning about AD and how all this works before you consider "tuning" anything. Leave this as it is.

8. server looks to its own dns server first

9. you should only have one dhcp server. You are just beginning and split scope dhcp is an advanced subject that needs to be considered with care.

Don't confuse AD replication with data replication.
They are not the same. DFS and FRS can be setup to replicate data.

This is all covered in server books and you can google technet for more info.

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