Console login & RDC logins too slow...

April 28, 2011 at 14:52:47
Specs: Windows Svr 03/R2, Quad/Xeon
Okay, up until about 2 weeks ago - I could sit down in front of our server which runs 03/R2 and the desktop appeared as soon as I was done putting in the password and pressing enter.

All of the sudden, it's started taking 10-20 minutes before it finally pulls up the desktop. If I press CTRL-ALT-DEL while I'm waiting, the selection box does come up, if I click task manager, it just sits there - but the task manager will pop open once the desktop finally shows up. The same goes for RDC logins. I posted my issue on another forum and everyone basically said "oh yeah, that's normal" -- NO, it is not normal. If it were normal, it would have been happening all along. I can guarantee it has nothing to do with being on a domain. Again, the issue just all of the sudden started happening and things had been find before that.

Any ideas? All computers on the domain that I've tried to RDC to the server with are getting DNS from the server. The server has the DNS IP pointed at itself.

If I leave the session logged on, either a console session or a RDC session and just lock the computer, rather than log off, it comes right up when I log back in. (I'm sure that's stating the obvious, but I just want to put as much info out here as possible).. This has become a personal issue for me. LOL I'd like to see if I can,with a little help from you guys, knock this one out before I go nuts here.

Thanks guys, as always I appreciate your input!


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April 28, 2011 at 15:36:59
reviewed the event viewer logs for errors?
when was the last time you ran disk cleanup and defragged the drives?
run chkdsk /r to test the file system and disk media?

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