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Client Can’t Ping DNS Server By FQDN But By IP

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I’m trying to set up a WS2K3 Domain, for which I installed Active Directory, DNS Server, DHCP Server on one Machine.

The Problem is, that clients cannot resolve the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the Server.
– I can ping the Server by IP
– I can ping the Server by name “S1”
– I CANT ping the server by “S1.hasa.local”

Client Configurations:
Clients have Router IP as default Gateway:
Clients have Server IP as DNS Server:
Both they get from the DHCP Server on the Server S1.

DNS Configuration:
Revers Lookup
Forward Lookup

Please Help me, I really do not know why DNS Server doesn’t work.

On the Server I can ping the Server itself by Fully Qualified Domain Name “s1.hasa.local” and by IP. The Client is Windows 7. The Server is Windows Server 2003.


1 Answer

  1. Did you install this as a root dns server?

    Your dns forward lookup zone doesn’t look right to me.

    for example my dns has in the left pane

    in the right pane I have
    along with my NS and Host(A) records.

    If I expand my left pane I get
    the _above as well as

    I have no host entry here [left pane] whereas you do. All of my host and ns records are in the right pane.
    You have the domain and forest entries in the right pane with host entries whereas I do not.

    You also have under forward lookup zone left pane
    I only have

    If you did not have dns server installed at the time of the active directly install the wizard should have created dns serve with all the correct settings.

    How did you do your dns setup?

    also please post a ipconfig /all from a workstation. Thx

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