Windows 2000 Advanced Server STOP 0xc000021a

Microsoft Windows 2000 advanced server
April 27, 2010 at 19:43:00
Specs: Windows 200 Advanced Server SP4
I have a Windows 2000 Advanced Server system that is crashing on boot with a STOP 0xc000021a (abnormal winlogon or csrss exit) with exit status 0x00000080. It is on an Integrated xSeries Server in an iSeries 270, but I'm pretty sure that this is a Windows problem, not one with the host AS/400 system, because I was able to install a Windows system in a new image, and use it to look at the contents of the original image (AS/400 PC compatibility cards allow you to switch between multiple PC OS images). I checked the system logs for the original Windows system, and there were no messages relating to the crash. Dr. Watson was set as the debugger in the registry, but it doesn't appear to be saving a log or memory dump. No msgina replacement is installed. I bought the system used, and it was crashing like this when I got it, so I am not sure what change triggered this crash. How do I find out what is causing this crash so I can fix it?

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June 12, 2010 at 10:32:12
You problem c000021a error is from winlogon.exe crashing.If none of these work, you might have to reinstall windows and use backups to restore the files.

I1.) Download the UBCD 4 Windows and if you have access to another server with the same OS, copy the file winlogon.exe to a flash drive, the file is located under C:\WINNT\System32\winlogon.exe. Boot to the UBCD, It will ask you what you want to boot to, use your arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows, press enter, and it will load a windows XP interface. If it asks you any questions about starting drivers, network is unneeded, and is it askes you about USB, press yes. You will need to insert the flash drive, and, go to my computer. Locate the flash drive, and, copy the winlogon.exe from the flash drive to C:\WINNT\System32. It may ask you if you want to replace an existing file, press yes. Now, restart the server and boot from the hard drive. If this fixes your problem, your are in luck, if not, follow these instructions.

2.) If you use a backup program that makes a bootable disk for recovering data, and you backed up the entire hard drive, try to use that. If your winlogon.exe file was deleted, this could recover it.

3.) If you use the backup program that comes with windows, and, you backed up the entire hard drive, you can repair windows be booting to your Windows 2000 server disk, when the screen comes up with the options, about 5 minutes after booting from the disk, hit "R" on your keyboard for repair, then, press "R" again for repair, (Yes, you hit "R" twice), Then Press "F" For fast. It will repair your system files install with windows, then, after the restart, it will go through as if you just installed windows. Once that is finished, it will restart. If that fixes your problem, install service pack 4 for windows 2000 & all updates.. The recovery process uninstalls all updated system files. This will not affect any of your files you created on your server, only the windows critical system files. If your system has an 8x or slower cd drive, I would recommend swapping the drive for a faster one long enough to do the repair.If you don't swap the drive, it will take forever to repair.

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June 12, 2010 at 12:30:51
I already fixed the problem quite a while ago. It was due to an old version of AVG that was preventing sfc.dll from loading (it had also renamed sfc.dll to sfc.old). Renaming sfc.old back to sfc.dll and removing the AVG drivers fixed the problem.

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