Very strange startup problem

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January 14, 2009 at 21:03:19
Specs: 2000 pro, 1.67 ghz/2 gig
Here's a good one for you. Since upgrading my system (see earlier post of same name)I have developed a problem with starting up. This is the final procedure to get it started: I hit the power button it fires up (lights come on and fans start)and then immediately dies...whir...nothing. I then shut off the power at the power splitting box (comp, monitor, printer, etc)pump the power button half a dozen times, turn on the juice at the main and hit start. It then fires up and the hardware runs but doesn't get to boot. I then repeat the process and hit the start button and it starts and boots and runs fine. If I have to "restart" as when a new program makes you do it, it restarts fine. I only have to jump thru these hoops when its shut off.

All checks come back negative. No diagnostics show anything wrong. All the hardware runs once up and running.

What do you think? The mobo is a few years old and I upgraded the bios chip. Do you think it could be a bios battery thing? It fired up fine when I was having bios problems but this started once I got the bios configured.

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January 15, 2009 at 05:53:44
Open the case and check the motherboard for bulging or leaking capacitors. If that issue isn't present then I would say your power supply is going bad. There is no reliable test for the power supply. Look at the link below to see what bad capacitors may look like. You can zoom in on the photos by clicking the button at the lower right corner.

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