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October 2, 2008 at 22:15:25
Specs: Windows 2000 advanced ser, 750mhz/dual 768ram
I'm trying to share a folder on my server running "Windows Advanced Server 2000". I can create the shared folder, put permissions on it, and users and what not. So the default is set to everyone, which is what I want. I want anybody to access this shared folder on my network. My problem is when I try to detect the share or use it from one of my network computers it prompts me for a user name and password. This wouldn't bug me so much if I could actually log into the share with my credentials. I've tried every user name and password I've ever used setting up that server including the administrator credentials and it won't let me log into my share folder. I've gone through all the tutorials on how to set up shares on windows 2000, it should just let me log into the share if I leave it default to everyone. I have no idea why it's even prompting me for a login, or why my credentials won't work. So my questions are, #1 Am I right that when I click to share a folder that the default "everyone" means that I should be able to access the share without credentials? #2 Is there any reason why my administrator credentials don't work to login into the share?

And there is only one user account on the computer, and it's the administrator account. So I assume if I had to login with anything it would be those credentials.

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October 2, 2008 at 22:30:48
I couldn't find an update button, so sorry for the double post. I guess I can login to my share with the computer administrator credentials. So my only question is, how do I make a shared folder that anyone can access on my network without credentials?

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November 13, 2008 at 08:08:02
Did you set the security permissions (the fourth share tab) for the drive? It seems redundant but this two stage process is needed. It's easiest to set up a class of users such as "Everyone" that you assign to all account holders.

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January 8, 2009 at 11:21:44
You need to set NTFS permissions AND Share permissions.

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