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Ntbtlog.Txt Is Very Large(5800 Lines)

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One of my computers (Win2000) takes 2 minutes+ to boot up. I checked ntbtlog.txt and found it has about 5800 lines (each line is a file being loaded). My other Win2000 computer has a normal boot and the ntbtlog.txt has 257 lines. In the first ntbtlog.txt, these 257 lines are repeated about 50 times.

I don’t know how this happened, but I’d like to know how to fix this problem. Can someone help me with this.




3 Answers

  1. My mistake. The log is created as long as boot logging is enabled. The log shows what drivers are loaded.

    Can you boot into Windows safe mode? If so, and the computer boots in a normal time frame, you can compare the files from a safe boot and a normal boot.

    Didn’t know anything about repository files. Google is a great tool though. I see references to Oracle and Moodle.

    See the link below for another slant on your problem.…

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  2. The log file is appended as log as boot logging is enabled. The problem is not the boot log being so long its the problems it is listing. Rename the old ntbtlog.txt to ntbtlog.old.txt and reboot the computer. Press F8 during boot and select the boot log option. The new log will show what errors if any are found. I would also suggest running some scans with Tdskiller, and Malwarebytes to rule out an infection.

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  3. You can Start, Run, type in MSConfig; 2000 may not have that command. Copy it from wherever and onto your c: drive. Once you run Msconfig, go to start up tab at the top and disable all, apply it and restart. you may have too many programs starting in memory.

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