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must reboot if internet is disconnected

August 12, 2011 at 00:11:00
Specs: NT2000
I use a wired connection for internet. If I unplug, for example to do some offline work acros the room, and try to reconnect I find I must reboot in order to connect again to he internet. Using Win NT2000

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August 27, 2011 at 16:11:53
If the problem is recent, install "XP TCP Repair", reset the TCP/IP Protocol, restart the computer, on the same application repair the Winsock and restart the computer. If the problem persists it may be caused by hardware.. replace the wire, reinstall/replace the Connection adaptor or device. If the problem's always been there, may be the motherboard or bios doesn't support in-session reconnections if it's older.. I know my older system with an austere and basic bios had such incapacities...

Maybe you should take a virtual approach to disable/enable your connection.. goto Control Panel \ Network Connections \ right click on the Connection \ Properties \ and uncheck the Internet tcp/ip Protocol.. check again to reconnect... or check some tips to create a regedit file which you can right click \ merge to disable the connection and a copy with an edited difference to enable it.. there are some VBS Scripts around that can do the job but I didn't a good one, you could also use some application.. this is one (good 4 w2k) is $14.95 for single computer use and there must be some for free out there... you just have to search patiently for it.

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