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January 13, 2009 at 02:09:17
Specs: Win2kSP4, 2.6ghz*2, 2gb DDR2
I'm having a problem with my Windows 2000 installation that's testing my patience; whenever I attempt to play certain games (the 1999 edition of Space Invaders by Activision, and certain fangames made with the Multimedia Fusion software or similar products) I can only play them for a short time before certain audio effects begin to loop endlessly (and, in the case of the MMF games, lag the entire game with it). I've tried adjusting acceleration settings, but nothing seems to be having an effect. This problem does not effect any other games or applications, and seems to occur even when no other programs are open. Relevant specs are as follows;

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ (2.6ghz per core)
2gb DDR2 800mhz RAM
Windows 2000 Professional w/ Service Pack 4
Gigabyte M61PME-S2 motherboard
Realtek High Definition Audio (AL662 codec)
5.1 surround sound speakers
Gigabyte GX-NX84S256HE (based off GeForce 8400GS)
DirectX 9.0c

Updating drivers did not help the problem; can someone please help me with this, before I end up ripping all of my hair out? Thanks in advance for anyone who may help me.

(Also, just a small aside; is there any way to transplant the XP compatibility tab onto Win2000? The Win2000 one doesn't really seem to work as well as the XP one for some reason...)

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January 13, 2009 at 04:51:59
This thread would be better served in the PC Gaming forum. Seems as though if this game is the only issue you are having with your system then it may be an incompatibility or some settings. Either way, the folks over there are better equipped to help.

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