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Windows 10 HDMI Not Working

October 1, 2015 at 12:32:50
Specs: Windows 10, Intel Celeron Dual-core
So it appears Microsoft has a major problem with their release of the Windows 10 OS and HDMI output, especially to those upgrading from a previous version of Windows instead of outright new installation.

Many attempted solutions call for removing the Win10 driver, installing a previous OS driver (Win7 seems most popular substitute), or even updating the Win10 driver to the latest release through Windows update if rolling back doesn't work.

The computer I'm working with for a client is a Gateway SX2865, that originally came preloaded with Windows 8. The client upgraded to 8.1 about a month ago, and then to 10 a week later.

The client reports ever since 8.1 upgrade, the HDMI has not worked to an external TV they have hooked up to it. The computer outputs video regularly to an Acer 27" monitor via VGA.
This computer does not have dedicated graphics; it only uses the integrated graphics provided by the CPU (Intel HD graphics).

The client did confirm the HDMI output was working fine to the TV on the base Windows 8 OS that came preinstalled via OEM.

I've attempted to completely remove the base graphics driver, install the Windows 7 driver, and even updated the Win10 driver to the latest release via windows update.

The computer does not show an additional display within display properties, nor device manager. Within Devices & Printers, no external display is shown. It appears as if the HDMI port is no longer being detected, thus never showing a display being detected through the HDMI port. No driver issues exist, the device manager reports all detected hardware are installed and operating normally.

Has anyone had success with getting their HDMI port working in Windows 10 that stopped working after upgrading from a previous OS version?

Any attempts to submit questions for a resolution to Microsoft Solution Engineers results in generic, sub-par fixes to attempt.

Many thanks for your input in advance!

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October 1, 2015 at 18:48:11
IMHO Microsoft does not have major problem with their release of the Windows 10 OS and HDMI output.

You should know better why it's never a good idea to update drivers from Microsoft other than the machine manufacturer's site. In other words, you do not go to the hardware manufacturer website for issues with Windows 10 software, just as you don't go to Microsoft for issues with the hardware.

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October 2, 2015 at 12:16:04
I apologize for not being as specific as I should have been.

"You should know better why it's never a good idea to update drivers from Microsoft other than the machine manufacturer's site."

This was not my first choice, it was used as an additional step by a Microsoft Support Engineer to determine if there would be a different result. I did not explain my steps as thoroughly, I was focusing on the issue details more than my procedures.

I guess I wasn't being as specific as I should have been:

I installed the default manufacturer provided driver first. I used the Windows 8 driver, then the Windows 7 driver as a rollback. The Microsoft driver was used as a last step recommended by the MSE to see if any changes would occur.

"IMHO Microsoft does not have major problem with their release of the Windows 10 OS and HDMI output."

Scour the Microsoft Community forum and you'll see otherwise. Some of these, yes, are due to user error, but most of them have gone unresolved.

"In other words, you do not go to the hardware manufacturer website for issues with Windows 10 software, just as you don't go to Microsoft for issues with the hardware."

I was directed to go to Acer Community forums by the MSE. Acer has recommended I talk with Microsoft and Intel. I'm getting the runaround from all three.

I'm only asking this question here to see if anyone has come across this issue with Windows 10 and if so, did they encounter a solution.

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October 2, 2015 at 12:53:54
So if it is assumed I only used the Microsoft display driver, this is incorrect.

To clarify:

I installed the manufacturer-provided Windows 8, latest graphics driver first. (this is the latest driver available for the latest OS supported for this model; also remember I stated the client confirmed HDMI working on Win8 OEM before Win8.1 and 10 upgrades)

I reverted to using the Win7 driver as the Win8 driver did not succeed. The same result occurs with the Win7 driver.

I reverted to the Microsoft-provided driver as a LAST resort, as recommended by the MSE for testing purposes. I also applied a graphics driver update for Win10 provided by Windows Update, but no changes occurred post-installation.

When reverting drivers, I removed the previous through Safe Mode to eliminate all installation files, registry entries, etc. before installation of a reverted driver.

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October 4, 2015 at 07:50:34
Yes im having the same problem with my hp pavillion dv6. Since my upgrade from windows 7 to 10 my HDMI output is no longer working. Microsoft help desk guy was totally useless and just passed me onto HP and when you call HP they are not much better as i have called them twice and the so called fix should have been out 2 weeks ago but still nothing. If they had good customer service they would be telling us via their website. I feel like they dont care as perhaps our machines are over 3 years old but i will remember when mine eventually dies and i go shopping for a new one !

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November 20, 2015 at 14:30:58
Microsoft still has not learned lesson #1 Stop producing JUNK SOFTWARE upgrades or otherwise & #2 And using their customers to find & identify all the problems they "overlooked" to put it nicely. Hopefully Nadella will weed out this Bill Gates mentality. Dittos on HP After useless MS helpline & chat I tried them & they were useless.

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November 24, 2015 at 18:41:52
Much agreed that this is ridiculous. Has anyone had any luck with this, now being some time with perhaps Windows graphics drivers updated through Windows Update?

Also, has anyone had any luck with the Windows 7/8/8.1 drivers at all? It seems to only affect certain Intel HD graphics/processor models.

I've had to resort to recommending an expansion graphics card by AMD or Nvidia to replace the HDMI output from Intel HD.

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December 20, 2015 at 11:19:58

I have THE EXACT PROBLEM with my HDMI hooking up to the TV that the OP has. My ASUS ROG laptop came with 10 already installed and it is a NIGHTMARE.

I have had the laptop for 6 days and have just finished my 4th Remote tech. support session. The fix's seem to last roughly 24 to 36 hours. I had to go to MIcroSoft after spending SIX HOURS WITH ASUS TECH SUPPORT on my first day of owning my laptop! ASUS tech support confirmed that it was a Windows 10 Microsoft problem. I have Googled and pointed out to Microsoft ALL OF THE LINKS ON THE INTERNET regarding this problem!

My Desktop Died (after many years of use) and while I was waiting for my Asus I was using a very old Gateway laptop with WIndows 7 that has NONE of these problems.

I do think it is just awful to release something that is actually in a Beta stage as a completed Product.

I have also repeatedly told Support that Windows 10 HDMI connection keeps reading all Television Connection via HDMI as 60MH when many Televisions are at 59 or less! It crashes and loses all Dupe Screen settings etc. and then will not show my Sony or any MH Settings less than 60.

UPDATE/EDIT Spoke with Microsoft for 5th time, Crashed again, and they refuse to escalate this problem to level two or three unless I PAY for Premium Service which is 89.00 for one fix or over 150.00 for the Year. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! They have Support that can FIX THE DAMN problem and want me to Pay for it? Have had me for DAYS calling, patching, working, crashing, calling, patching AND NOW THIS?

Asus has 24 hour Customer Support. The Supervisor I spoke with was SHOCKED at this outcome and now my situation is escalated at ASUS.

I wish Linux were more user friendly AND in spite of EULA aggreements there is a Class Action Law Suit in the wind against MIcrosoft regarding WIndows 10. There are people out there who have lost EVERYTHING due to Windows 10 problems.

I thank all in advance for reading my Tome.


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December 20, 2015 at 20:39:47
All recently made machines including most Windows 8 machines and most later Windows 7 machines should be fine with Windows 10 in general BUT there will be some hardware issues that will need to be resolved. On machines made within the last 2 years, the system mfg really needs to test their systems with Windows 10 and create the proper drivers for the new environment. On slightly older machines, the mfg's would be doing a proper customer service and good public relations by also providing drivers that will work. Microsoft cannot possible test their system with all possible combinations of hardware so it is not really up to them except to provide the proper guidelines and support to the system mfg's so that they can resolve this for their customers. Some hardware issues can be solved on older machines by a simple hardware upgrade like a graphics card, NIC card, sound card, etc. Other issues on older machines, especially on laptops, will see the owners reverting back to their older OS within the allowed time period. I personally recommend Windows 10 upgrades only for newer machines (late windows 8.0, most Windows 8.1, and late custom made Windows 7 machines with modern hardware). I had success upgrading Windows 8 machines at work and my daughter's very new Windows 8 laptop. I do not plan on converting out older Windows 7 machines at home and my very new custom Windows 7 machine will stay Windows 7 for now at least (I may change it over at some point in the future).

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