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Apple / 2015
September 19, 2020 at 08:42:50
Specs: Mac OS Catalina, N/A
I am using MBP 2015 running OS Catalina.
I installed second partition Windows 10 using Boot Camp.
The issue I have on Windows: I want to reboot into Mac not by holding Alt key but by using icon.
On Task Bar I select icon Boot Camp, click on item 'Restart in OS X...'
It pops up a message: 'Are you sure you want ... Your computer will start up using OS X..'
I click OK and got error message: 'Could not locate OS boot volume'. Mac OS does see Windows partition.
I followed Apple instructions and installed Boot Camp Windows support software successfully. Unfortunately it did not make any difference. Widows still does not recognize OS X. msconfig-boot also does not see Mac. Hence from Mac I have a workaround to set OS from Startup Disk app but from Windows OS I don't have an option to boot into Mac. Well ... not convenient. Thanks

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September 19, 2020 at 15:16:20
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How odd... I have a Mac Mini (late) 2012 model running Catalina and Bootcamp windows (7 in this case). It works fine - most of the time.

I have Mojave on the installed HDD and boot Catalina from a usb SSD.

Occasionally, if I've booted into (Bootcamped) into windows-7 I have to use the option key to get Catalina to boot up - even though I've set Catalina as the OS to boot via windows startup disk option (in Control Panel); as otherwise it will default to the installed HDD/Mojave.

Very occasionally I have to use the Repair boot routine (command + R) option and let it find the usb SSD and then select that as the start up disk from there.

Have you tried the usual quick fixes which seem to resolve a lot of start up issues; i.e


The second link is included in the first one - in the Learn More section at the bottom of the page).

Have you the latest version BootCamp?

Are you sure your Mac is OK for win-10? Mine wasn't when I checked a while ago, but now seems it is?

Regardless have a look at these items; as they may shed light?

If all else fails have you tried chatting to Apple support - I've found them pretty good on the whole whenI've had to contact/use them?

A long shot might be that there is onboard issue - I think it's the logic board which "might" be playing up? But this is pure guess on my part; I'm no Apple techie/expert...

My Mac Mini currently does an on-board fault; the wifi is either very intermittent or won''t connect at all; currently not at all. Apple (phone support) seem to think (after assorted tests and notional fixes) that there is board issue - logic board??? - and so it will be going in for them to have a look-see/fix.

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September 19, 2020 at 16:20:24
Thanks for the link. I will try to use it.
Actually I think that I wound the issue in my case. It’s wireless keyboard. During boot it has a problem to send a signal.

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September 19, 2020 at 16:56:33
Ah... wireless connection isn’t there initially...

Use the keyboard on the MacBook to get going.

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