None of my replies are going through to Johnw on my posts...

February 11, 2020 at 23:09:01
Specs: Windows 10
None of my replies to Johnw are going through. Can this site only hold a certain number of replies? Can the replies only be so long?

Oh my, this seems very confusing. It's late now so I will attempt to take care of this in the morning. We are leaving town in a few days; was going to take the tablet; but, may have to take the laptop because we are expecting important emails.
I have noticed that several of my replies that I thought had been sent previously have 'edit message' under them. I went in to 1 of them, I think, and may have sent it. So, sorry, if you think I have not been trying what you are suggesting.
I think if I go back through all of them now it'll make everything much more confusing.
When I first went to NuVision several weeks ago, it was after I found a download for NuVision; but, since I didn't know where it really came from I emailed NuVision to ask...that was the first mistake. I think I should have just downloaded what I found and if it messed things up I could have restored the tablet to before I did it.
I will take a look at that screenshot thing in the morning.
Where do I upload these SSs; and, you show several sites under Screenshot.
Need to pack up our travel trailer soon so I really will try to do this in the morning sometime.
Thanks again...
I am going to 'submit follow up' and will see if it sends....
It didn't I'll try 'preview changes' first and will see if it sends this time...
Still shows note that says 'edit this message. Will try again...
No. will try 'preview' first...again.
This is so frustrating.....
and, again
and, again - submit this time
this is what I keep getting:
Message Edited
The Message has been edited.
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February 12, 2020 at 08:57:49
You have 3 posts other than this one & all are marked SOLVED.

Helpers in these forums are unpaid volunteers. We check in & offer help as time allows. If you want to respond to Johnw directly, send him a private message. To do that, click on his name in one of your threads; that will take you to his page. Then click on his name again on the tab at the top of his page. Here, I'll make it easy for you: click here to send Johnw a PM

I just clicked Edit this Message to add the following. Here's a link to one of your solved posts:

Next I'll click Preview Changes to make sure I'm OK with what I wrote, then I'll click Submit Changes. Then I can click Return to Post to admire my handiwork.

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February 12, 2020 at 09:38:22
re: "If you want to respond to Johnw directly, send him a private message."

...and hopefully Johnw will steer you right back to the public part of this forum before answering your questions.

Discussing issues in the Private Message space prevents the rest of the community from sharing in the information and from offering assistance. It also prevents the conversation (and solution, if offered) from being stored in the archives for others to find via the search facility.

At a minimum, the final solution should be brought out into the light for others to see. If personal information is involved, then make it generic before making it public, but don't keep the solution hidden in the darkness.

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February 19, 2020 at 14:59:50
Thanks yo all replies. I'm hoping it'll still be around when we return from vacation; if not, I'll use these 'helps'

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