Solved HP Stream Laptop won't start?

Hewlett-packard / Stream
September 28, 2017 at 18:11:51
Specs: Windows 10, 4 GB
On my HP Stream laptop, I attempted to reset my laptop three times. Each time, it got to about 47%, and it would tell me that there was a problem resetting my PC. When I clicked on the exit and start Windows option, all I see is a black screen with the HP logo that would be seen on start up popping up every few seconds, but Windows won't start.

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September 29, 2017 at 04:44:20
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You will need external bootable media to determined if it is just a software problem or a hardware problem and try to find out what.
Boot to a bootable copy of Memtest86 via botable CD or flash drive. Create the bootable device on another working computer. This one will test the laptop's memory as well as see if the laptop will work at all. It also bypasses the hard drive so it has a better chance of running, especially if the hard drive is the problem.
If Memtest86 shows good memory then:
Boot to a bootable copy of Seatools by Seagate (DOS version) via bootable CD or flash drive.
If Seatools shows a good drive then the problem is probably software related.
You will probably need to reset BIOS to set CD/DVD or USB as bootable and first in the boot order for these to work.
If Memtest86 does not show good memory or is not able to complete you cannot proceed to Seatools but before you throw away your memory sticks, remove them, clean the contacts with a soft clean pencil eraser. Clean off the erasings (use wood tooth pick if any are caught), clean with rubbing alcohol, and pop them in and out of the sockets 4 or 5 times to burnish the sockets contacts. Repeat Memtest86. If this does not work, try one memory stick at a time and switch to test both. If either one works but not the other, replace both with a matched pair for best performance. If neither works try replacing the pair (if possible, purchase where returnable in case the problem is elsewhere.
If it is bootable with both above but does not boot to Windows and repair does not work, boot to a version of Live Linux via same as before (Live Linux will be able to boot directly off CD/DVD or flash drive without needing to install.) One version of Live Linux is Puppy Linux that will fit on a CD, others may require a DVD, all should work off a flash drive. Once you boot into a Live Linux disk then you need to access your hard drive and save any important data on that drive to an external drive because you will probably need to delete partitions and install Windows from scratch. If the hard drive is bad you can try this also since sometimes it is not good enough to run but you may be able to get important stuff off it before scrapping it and replacing it.

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