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Solved How To Repair Spotlight And Luafv Problem

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Windows spotlight appears, even the picture changes, but without any feedback features (like/dislike, where is it taken …). How can I get it running again. I realized the problem after having activated ‘RAM-Integrity’ in ‘kernel isolation’ (Windows Settings, Windows security), however, I am not sure whether this is the real cause, since setting it back did not have any effect. At the same time in event viewer the event ‘luafv service has not been started: driver could not be loaded’ appeared. I have been searching for days now, how to solve these two problems, I could not solve it. Do you have any ideas? The system its running without any problems (fast, reliably, no blue screen ever), the two little problems did not have any impact to it. I’d just like to understand it.


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  1. “How can I get it running again”
    Check your Group Policy settings.…

    “luafv service has not been started”
    Is UAC turned off?…

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