Solved How to find location of background image & Make File MINE?

April 19, 2018 at 13:59:42
Specs: Windows 10
I installed Windows 10 on a new SSD. It was late, I was tired and I don't know if Win10 picked the <DIR> with photos to use as a background or if I set it up. I had several other drives connected to the system with images on them. Now I can't find where WIn10 is grabbing the images from. I went to PERSONALIZE like I was going to chose a directory to use but it doesn't show me which <DIR> it is currently using to get the pictures from. Any advice?

Second Question:
Before I set up my new system I had a small program that I could use to change the OWNERSHIP of a file. Before I used it I couldn't access the file because of ownership issues and I really don't even know what that means. I mean the files were mine. Not copied, not stolen but made by me. I could right click on the file and the option to use the program to make it mine was there and after I did it all was fine. It was a very small program but I don't recall the name or where I got it from. I would try to go into attributes before I got the program and mess with the settings to try to make the files mine but it never worked. SOMETIMES I could copy the file to another HD and it would then become mine but a lot of times I couldn't even do that. If you know of a program I could use to change the ownership of a file back to me ( THE REAL OWNER Anyways) please tell me. The problem seems to stem from files I placed on an external HD but I'm not sure of that even. It is a big problem for me and while I'd like to understanding how it happened and how to fix it manually, a program to do so would be great. The system I had with the program lost the HD containing the program and it was so small I didn't bother to back it up. I now realize the mistake I made. Please Help me if you can.

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April 19, 2018 at 15:43:13
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Right click the desktop and go to Personalise > Themes. At the top of the screen you should see your background and the name of the file. Search for that file name and you will see where it is located.
Background images can be any picture file you choose and in any old place. You just right click the file and choose "Set as desktop background".

What files are you unable to access? If they are documents, pictures, music, videos etc there should not be any need for a third party program to access them. Taking ownership of files is normally reserved for system files, which are not normally accessible to avoid crashing the system. Do you remember the name of this program and have you searched for it in Google? Programs that change ownership are usually intended for technical users who want to dive into the system.

Here's the manual system:
I've had Windows computers for around 20 years and have never needed to do this to access my own stuff.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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