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Solved How Do I stop Windows 10 From Making Auto Backups?

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Hi all.

How do I stop Win 10 from automatically making backups?

The reason I ask is that every time a backup is made with the Windows 10 program I am advised that there was an error and I should do something about it.

Try as I may I cannot find out why I get this notification as I cannot find a problem.

But when I use a third party freebie (EaseUS ToDo Backup), this does not happen, even after I run that program to verify it’s integrity.

I also have a GigaByte MB specific backup program, Smart Recovery2, and that also makes a clear backup, so Windows 10 backup should go I think because I am not having any luck with it..

So, how do I turn off Windows backup?


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  1. Not something I’ve done but this should get you there. Kinda reverse engineer it using the info near the end:…

    Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks

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