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How Can I Print A Quicken 2000 Report On Windows 10?

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I’m using QUicken 2000 and updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I get a “can’t initialize printer” message when trying to print reports. What \’s the fix?


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  1. It could be that Quicken 2000 is just too old for Win 10. However you could right click the shortcut, select Properties then Compatibility View (for Win 7). It might help.

    Otherwise if you have the download or CD then maybe a re-install will fix it. There could be a risk though so see the discussion here first:…

    Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks

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  2. Is the printer problem only in Quicken? because problems with printers after Updates are usually best approached by clean reinstalling the printer driver – but that would only be indicated if other print jobs weren’t working, too.

    1) If this was caused by Windows Update(s) then you can check which were installed at Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update under Update History, then uninstall them from the link there, and immediately check for these again and hide with the Hide Updates tool explained here:…

    You can also System Restore to a point before the Update following this guide:…

    If this doesn’t work you can use the new Uninstall Updates button in Repair Mode using Option Four here:…

    2) Troubleshoot and if necessary reinstall Quicken:…………

    Reinstall Quicken:…

    I hope this helps.

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